Born in South-Korea (1987), raised in The Netherlands

Only 4 years old, Mi Sun came as an adopted girl from South-Korea to The Netherlands. As soon as she stepped out of the plane she said: "I want to become Dutch, I want go to school and I want learn how play the violin and piano!"


Mi Sun started at the age of 9 playing the violin on the local musicschool of Rotterdam. At the age of 16 she was accepted for the prepatory course of the Conservatory of Rotterdam and at 19 years old, Mi Sun took her classical violin studies at Codarts (Conservatory of Rotterdam) with teacher Thijs Kramer. In July 2010 she graduated as classical violinist from the Bachelor of Music with the outstanding grade 9.0.

Though Mi Sun was accepted for the Master of Music Classical Violin, she chose another path. Her passion for teaching made her attend a second bachelor at Codarts: Teacher in Music from which she graduated in August 2012 she graduated with a 1st and 2nd degree.

As Mi Sun noticed in her private practice that some students were in need of other kind of support, besides learning how to play music. This initiated a desire to learn more about the therapeutic use of music. So Mi Sun followed a 3rd study at the Master of Arts Therapies at Codarts, from which she graduated in 2021. Mi Sun is now also a certified Music Therapist and provides her sessions in her private practice.


From a very young age Mi Sun played in many orchestra's and fulfilled many concertmaster- and principal functions as violinist and violist. She was concertmaster for 3 years of the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands. Besides her tutti roles in many orchestra's Mi Sun performed as solist with different orchestra's.

She won several prices in music competitions. Mi Sun attended many masterclasses of famous classical musicians such as Ivry Gitlis, Daniel Rowland, Henk Guittart and many more.

Classical music though could not fulfil Mi Sun's desire to perform on stage in a more theatrical way and to entertain people. Therefore, Mi Sun chose to become an electric violinist with popular repertoire and cross-over music. Nowadays Mi Sun performs as electric violinist with her solo shows, comparable with Vanessa Mae, but also in the electric violin duo 'StringCats'.

Mi Sun has played as a solist on the electric violin with orchestra's (playing classical and populair repertoire), stood as main-artist in the line-up of Symphony31 in Ahoy Rotterdam besides names as Candy Dulfer and Jocelyn Brown and has played on many different (inter)national events and venues.

Mi Sun was broadcasted on national Dutch television in 2011 (Holland's Got Talent), 2012 (Beat the Best), 2014 (Het Orkest van Nederland).


Besides her career as violinist, Mi Sun was very much interested in many other cultural activities. She attended classes in dancing (classical ballet, hindustanic dance, ballroom dancing), theater education and circus lessons. These courses contributed to her career as electric violinist and makes her a versatile and frequently asked entertainer.