Mi Sun as Music Therapist

My name is Mi Sun and in October 2021 I graduated as Music Therapist from the Master of Arts Therapies at Codarts - University of the Arts in Rotterdam. I am the founder and owner of MiXin'Music, a brand under which I run a music center, provide music lessons, perform as an electric violinist and, since January 2022, provide music therapy sessions as an independent music therapist.

Everyone who is seeking for help in a musical, creative and playful way is welcome in my practice. People come visit me who are seeking for example support in personal development and processes and social-emotional questions. At the moment I have clients of all ages, with or without diagnosis and all with very different questions. Despite their differences, they all have in common that they found a safe place with me in which they playfully and creatively are allowed to go on a journey through music. And I am honoured to be able to be part of that journey!

As independent therapist I am registered in the Register Vaktherapie and I also have all necessary AGB-codes, which make it possible for you to get your therapy sessions possibly paid through insurance (check this with your insurance!). Do you want to know more about my company MiXin'Music? Please click here for the website!

If you wonder if I am the right therapist for your question? Please contact me, we can always discuss before planning an intake if I could be of help to you. Check the contact page for my contacts.

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